About ASEM

What Does ASEM Do For Emergency Medicine?
Well, lots more than you probably are aware of AND,much more that you probably take for granted!

  • ASEM is the:
  • Founding organisation for Emergency Medicine in Australia and New Zealand
  • Co – owner of the only medline cited national EM publication – Emergency Medicine Australasia
  • Prize giver for the best papers presented at Emergency Medicine seminars
  • Fund donor to various Emergency Medicine conferences including the Spring Seminar in Emergency Medicine and Eye and ENT emergencies seminar
  • Facilitator of initiatives such as the Emergency Life Support course and the Winter Symposium on Emergency Medicine
  • Publisher of the Directory of Emergency Departments of Australia and New Zealand (now in it’s 3rd edition) and ASEM Newsletters
  • Lobbyist to Government that helped acquire provider number eligibility for Emergency Medicine trainees working in private hospital Emergency Departments
  • Website provider with links to Emergency Medicine contacts, education providers and Emergency Medicine organisations.

More about ASEM:

The Australasian Society for Emergency Medicine (ASEM) starts, helps, supports, defends, unites, publishes, advises, and generally does good things as a professional organisation for emergency medicine professionals.
The first of ASEM’s successes was starting the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM). And it provided a vehicle for the Emergency Life support course to get started. ASEM has helped research in emergency medicine by providing prizes for research based presentations at scientific meetings. It helps members with $200 off the cost of the annual Spring Seminar on Emergency Medicine and supports the conference long term.
During the long running dispute over contracts in Queensland, ASEM helped defend the conditions of emergency doctors.
There is a great and dispersed specialist and non-specialist workforce in emergency medicine and ASEM works to unite this workforce. ASEM began and remains open to all emergency doctors and now offers membership to students, Nurses and institutions. ASEM is part owner of the scientific journal; Emergency Medicine Australasia, and publishes a directory of Australasian Emergency Departments as well as a regular newsletter. Organisations can contact ASEM for a trusted source of advice on matters related to emergency medicine.
By joining ASEM, you are part of all this good work and you are helping it to continue.
Belong with us!!

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